Best Omega Juicer: Squeeze Your Way to Wellness

Best Omega Juicer

What other options are there for preparation?

Omega 8228 comes with a variety of accessories to homogenize and puree, and also for dough and pasta making. The puree screen is used in conjunction with the cap and nozzles to make grissini, or pasta.

Other preparations in a glance

  • Fresh nut-milks made from almonds or hazelnuts
  • Apple puree, for example, is made by pureeing cooked fruits.
  • Fruit sorbets, ice cream and sorbets
  • Nut porridge, made with roasted nuts (e.g. cashews or peanuts)
  • Baby food prepared from cooked or raw ingredients

Omega Juicer 828: Operation and handling

Omega Juicer Model 8228: Layout

Omega Juicers 8228 is not only an efficient slow juicer but also very easy to assemble. Six parts are required for assembly: Attach the juice drum, including the filling spout to the motor block using the locking ring. Make sure the handle is in CLOSE. Place the hopper onto the filling chute. Insert the auger, and beneath it, the juicing screens. Attach the pulp regulator on the cap, and then attach it to the juice drum by turning left. Place the juice jug, the pulp jar and the Omega 8228 on the juice outlet. Connect the Omega 8228 power supply.

Tip To prepare juice without any fiber residue, use the provided juice strainer.

How to adjust the pulp regulator

We recommend that you close the pulp regulator by turning it anticlockwise. This will allow you to prepare clear juices using hard ingredients such as carrots, beets or crisp apples. For fibrous ingredients, like celery or leafy greens or herbs, turn the pulp regulator counterclockwise. When the ingredients are squeezed with maximum pressure against the screen at 80 revolutions per minutes, you will get a great yield.

Rotating it in a clockwise direction

The pulp setting can be maintained by juicing soft and hard ingredients in alternate order, such as ripe pineapples or pears, berry fruits or stone fruits like nectarines or peaches.

If only soft ingredients will be juiced, the pulp regulator should be adjusted. Rotating it in a clockwise direction reduces pressure on the pulp.

Juicing with Omega Juicers 828

Wash the ingredients before you begin juicing. If necessary, peel them and cut them to fit the diameter of hopper. Press the central function switch to start the Omega 8228. Slowly add the ingredients. Use a squeegee or tamper to push ingredients toward the auger if necessary. After all ingredients are juiced, place the juice jug under the device for 1-2 more minutes to catch any remaining juice. Place a clean cloth underneath the juice outlet when you remove the device to prevent stains.

Tip By cutting the ingredients into 2-3 cm pieces you can get more juice from the Omega 8228.

Note that the maximum continuous runtime for is 30 minutes.

Press the REV button if you find that the juice drum has become clogged.

The central function button located on the backside of the motorblock can be used to activate the REV function in order to clear an ingredient blockage. Keep the REV button pressed. The auger will now rotate backwards Release REV after 10-15 seconds. Restart the juicer only after the auger has stopped rotating completely

Tip The main cause of ingredient clogging in juicing is soft ingredients like mealy apples or ripe pear. You can avoid ingredient clogging by juicing soft ingredients with hard ones such as carrots or beets.

Clean the Omega Juicer 828

Cleaning the Omega 8228 is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. The Omega 8228 can be cleaned in just a few moments! The Omega 8228 is easier to clean than horizontal juicers of comparable size, especially because the feeding hopper can be removed.

Always disconnect the juicer power before cleaning. Remove the drum of the juicer from the motor, and place it into the sink. Disassemble all components and remove pulp residues using your hands. All parts should be rinsed with warm water. Clean the screen using the brush provided. Pour the pulp out of the jar, and then rinse the jug along with it. Place all parts either on a kitchen cloth or by hand, and then reassemble your juicer.

It is safe for dishwashers! Manufacturer states that parts of the upper compartment can be easily cleaned. The juice residues must be removed as described in the above paragraph.

Cleaning brush

It’s easy to clean the Omega 8228, and even easier if you use our brush. The brush can be used for removing pulp residues from the hopper or juice drum quickly and effectively. Cleaning brushes can be used to clean bottles. With a diameter of just 3 cm, they fit perfectly through bottle necks.

Omega 8228: Technical Specification

  • Model: Omega 8228
  • Juicing Method: horizontal 1 Auger
  • Dimensions (height x width x depth): 33 cm x 18.8 cm x 39.4 cm
  • Size of the hopper: 4″
  • Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Power : 200 Watts; 80 Revolutions Per Minute
  • Voltage: 220 to 240 volts, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Material BPA/BPS free plastic
  • Fuse: 250V 50T Omega 828 Scope of delivery


Omega 8228 Scope for delivery:

  • Motor block with power cable
  • Feed chute included in the juicer housing Feed chute
  • Hopper
  • Auger
  • Closer cap included The pulp regulator is included in the closing cap
  • Fine Screen for Juicing
  • Closed cap for pureeing
  • Puree insert
  • Set of 4 pasta nozzles
  • 2 Grissini nozzles
  • Plastic juice jugs made without BPA/BPS
  • Plastic pulp jar free of BPA/BPS
  • Jug Sieve 
  • Tamper
  • Cleaning brush
  • The instructions in German and English include

Omega 8228 Warranty

Use only for private purposes:

  • 5 Years Motor & Gearbox
  • All other parts: 5 Years

Difference between Omega Juicers 8228 vs. MM900

The Omega 8228 slow juicer has additional functions such as pasta and sorbet. However, the MM900 is a celery juicer that specializes in this juice. Omega juicer mm900  is the better slow juicer for those who want to use it primarily to make celery juice. This model also includes a celery stalk pomace regulator, which is similar to a normal pomace regulator on the outside but tighter inside. It is complemented by a silicone inner green ring. Celery stalks squeezed down to their last drop.

The MM900 does not come with any attachments for ice cream, pasta, or grissini. The MM900 is different from the 8228 in that it’s a pure juicer.

Difference between Omega Juicers 8228 vs. 8227

The Omega 8227, on the other hand, is the 8228 but in silver rather than chrome. The 8228 comes in chrome, while the 8227 comes in silver. The only difference is the color. Omega Juicers chose a different product name for a color variant. We have removed the 8227 designation because we find it extremely annoying

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