Is a Cricut necessary to use the Cricut Mug Press?

To make use of the Cricut Mug Press, you do not need to have a Cricut machine whatsoever. It is not necessary to use a Cricut to cut out the design. Without a doubt, it simplifies things.

Mug Templates:

Mug Templates

Mug-specific templates are available in the Design Space software, and you may use them to create mugs. To guarantee that these will fit perfectly, you can send them directly to your Cricut. Other machines can also be used.

Use Of Other Machines For Pattern Cutting:

When it comes to cutting out a pattern using the infusible transfer sheets, however, you can make use of other machines, such as a Silhouette or a Brother. Before you begin cutting, you will need to carefully measure the design to ensure that it will fit on the blank cup you are working with.

The Process Of Cutting:

The Process Of Cutting

Additionally, before you cut it, you might want to mirror it, which means you flip it over. Without the use of machines, and mug presses when cutting by hand, you should make use of a pair of scissors or a craft blade. There is also the option of using heat-resistant tape to your cup to secure your design in place while the mug press is doing its job.

Free Hand Designs for Ink Pens:

 Free Hand Designs for Ink Pens

Use Infusible Ink For a line that is 0.4 millimeters in width, you can use an ink pen, and for a line that is 1 millimetre in width, you can use a marker. To make your design, you have the option of using a Cricuit in addition to drawing it by hand.

Choose Suitable Pen:

Should you choose to draw your design by hand, you have the option to flip it over. Make use of pens or pencils that are suitable for you.

Infusible markers and pens In Circut Mug Press:

Infusible markers and pens can now be used to trace your design onto a piece of normal laser copy paper by utilizing the infusible markers. It is going to be mirrored. By the time you are satisfied with the design, all you need to do is cut it out and then use heat-resistant adhesive tape to attach it to the cup with the ink side facing down.

What exactly is within the box Of Circut Mug Press?

What exactly is within the box Of Circut Mug Press

The mugs were cut:

If you are on the fence about using the Mug Press, Cricut provides a selection of mugs of varying sizes that are made expressly for the device. These mugs include some adorable stackable cups. This would be an excellent place to begin. As long as you acquire the right size mug for the machine, you are free to use a brand that is not the typical one. In most cases, this falls around between 82 and 86 millimeters.

Layouts for transfers :

They are available in the form of sheets, which are referred to as “transfer sheets,” as well as pens and markers. It can be purchased in the form of markers and pens, as well as in sheet form (which is referred to as “transfer sheets”). These sheets are available in many different designs and colors, and they’re compatible with both the Cricut Joy Explore cartridge and the Maker cartridge.

The ink that is infusible as well as markers and pens :

Other methods include the use of markers and an infusible pen. Ink pens that employ ink that is infusible should not be used to draw directly on a surface that requires decoration. When used as carrier paper, laser copy paper performs admirably.

When you are creating your design with a Cricut mug press, you can easily accomplish this by selecting the “mirror” option before instructing your machine how to draw. This tool allows you to easily design your own designs.

Transfer tape that is resistant to heat :

Transfer tape that is resistant to heat

Additionally, you will require heat-resistant transfer tape in order to complete this task. The design will not be altered in any way by the heat of the press. In the event that your design moves while the heat transfer procedure is being carried out, it may appear blurry or have an offset shadow. In order to avoid wasting any of the tape, you should purchase a couple of rolls of heat-resistant tape because it is irreversible.

Add-ons for the Circut Mug Press Model of the Cricut :

Pens that are able to draw a line that is 0.4 millimetres thick on normal copy paper are known as infusible ink pens. Ink markers that are able to draw a line that is one millimetre thick on normal copy paper are known as ink markers.

Infusible ink mug blanks Are The Future:

If you subscribe to Cricut Access, sheets of infusible transfer are the perfect solution for you. Infusible ink mug blanks are the item that you will be customising in the future. It is necessary to use heat-resistant tape in order to secure your design in place while the Circut Mug Press is operating.

How do I set up my Cricut Mug Press properly?

It is not possible to set up the Cricut Mug Press on a mobile device; rather, you will need a computer that is linked to the internet.

How do I set up my Cricut Mug Press properly

On the top of the Cricut Mug Press, you will discover a sticker that will take you to the following website: If you’ve never used Cricut Design Space, then this is all you need. Additionally, the Cricut Mug Press can be utilised even in the absence of a Cricut machine.

The Cricut Design Space should be opened:

Go to the menu that is located on the top left. Click here to view the New Machine Setting. To pair them, follow the instructions on screen. This task will only need to be performed once. Following this, the link will be established automatically. An update to the firmware of your press can be obtained using this connection.


I am experiencing difficulties with this configuration. It appears that my press did not make it past the “updating screen.” After waiting for a few minutes, I resumed Cricut Design Space and hit the button on my Cricut Mug Press. Only when it has been connected will it begin to heat up. At once, mine began to heat up. When it came to me, I really hope it was simply a bug. If, on the other hand, you are unable to move past the update screen, then you might be in good shape.

What is the connection between the light and the button?

What is the connection between the light and the button

On the top, the press has a power button and five LEDs. Both the temperature and the time settings on the Cricut Mug Press are not adjustable. Both the temperature and the time are predetermined by the system. When I was pressing each mug in my studio, it took me six minutes.

Depending on the information that is displayed on the button of the power supply, you can learn about:

  • If there is no light, is it in standby mode or off?
  • Orange lights flashing in the connect mode.
  • In the heat phase, solid orange .
  • Totally green: ready to be put to use .
  • An error has occurred; please contact the Cricut Design Space support team.

Purpose Of Lights:

It is intended that the five lights that are arranged in a row will indicate how far along your pressing machine is. The purpose of the progress lights is to provide you with an indication of the present importance of the situation.

How to make use of the Mug Press from Cricut:

Details to follow:

Connect USB cord:

Connect USB cord

First things first: if this is your first time using the Mug Press, you will need to activate it and register it with your account. The first thing that you need to do is this. In order to connect it to your computer, you can make use of the USB cord that is supplied in the package. If your computer is similar to mine in that it does not have a regular USB port, then you will require an adapter because of this.

Register Your Circut Mug Press On Website:

Come to the Cricut website and register your press. You will then be directed to a web page where you can either download or open Design Space. Simply click the open button if you do not require the programme to be downloaded. Clicking on the button will take you to a screen where you can set up your device. It will be necessary for you to make a decision between a heat press and a cutting machine. Select the mug pressing option after clicking on the heat press, and then proceed to follow the instructions.

Then Choose Your Design:

Begin the process of producing your mugs right away. You will first need to choose your design. You have a number of options. Quite a few ready-made designs are available at Design Space. I made some mugs, and here is what I did with them. A few of the designs are already individualised.

Customize Option Is Also Available:

You can customize the design by adding your initials, or any other words. You can start your design from scratch. Be sure to consider the size of both your mug and the design when choosing from the available designs.

Options For Designs:

Each of the pre-made designs has small and large options to fit the 12 oz. or 15 oz. size. Cut out the design from infusible ink sheets. Mirror your designs, particularly if they have words or directional components. It won’t matter much, but you should do it each time to avoid forgetting.

Weed your designs:

When you turn on your mug presses, they will begin to heat up.The light will first be red, then turn green. Clean your mug with an alcohol-based wipe, and then use a lint brush to remove any grit. Wrap the design around mug. Use heat-resistant tape if you have it. I didn’t need it, as the transfer sheet was able to hold down well enough.

Then Place The Mug In Cricut Mug Press:

Then Place The Mug In Cricut Mug Press

The mug can be placed into the mug presses when the press is ready. After the mug has been placed, press the lever and let the mug presses do their work. The power button has little progress indicators, so you can tell how close the mug is to being done.

Cricut Mug Press Is Ready On Beep:

The progress light will be full, and the beeper will sound when it’s ready. After that, lift the lever and remove the mug from the handle. Place it on an EasyPress mat, or another heat-resistant surface, to cool. Peel off the transfer sheet to reveal your design.

Cricut Maker 3:

Cricut Maker 3

Why not check out Cricut’s most advanced cutting machine, the Cricut Maker 3, if you really want to go for it? The Cricut Mug Press can be used without a Cricut machine. However, the templates and projects that are already prepared in the Cricut Design Space programme make it much easier to start.The extra durability of Maker over Explore is ideal for those who plan to use their Cricut machine to cut heavy-duty materials, such as leather earrings, fluffy car dice, or wooden ornaments.


What is price of Cricut Mug Press?

The Cricut Mug Press retails for PS179.99. The Cricut Mug Press is available for PS179.99. This is the same price as the Cricut joy. You can find Cricut Mug Press Bundles that are often cheaper than the original RRP. It’s well worth looking around since the 2021 release.

What mugs am I able to use with the Mug Press?

Cricut claims that they only approve their own brand. They are of high quality. I bought some at the store on sale for only $2.99. Be on the lookout! I will be testing this with different mugs in the near future. You can use the Cricut Mug Press if they are intended for sublimation.

Do I have to use the special Cricut Mug Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets?

In addition to the mugs and the press, Cricut also released a version of Infusible Ink that is sized specifically for the mugs. These special Cricut Infusible Ink rolls can be found by searching for the Cricut Mug Press icon on the packaging. These work best with the wrap-around design options in Cricut Design Space. They are perfectly sized and do not have grid lines like other infusible inks. The grid lines can sometimes appear yellow, especially on ceramics. So I am glad to see Cricut move away from the grid-lined transfer sheets. Use other Infusible Ink Sheets, including the 12″ and 4.5″ versions. I tried both old and new transfer sheets, and the grid lines did not ghost.

Can I use Cricut Infusible Ink Pens and Markers?

Yes!Stay tuned for an upcoming post that will cover the special considerations to be made when using pens and markers with the press!

Can I use sublimation images from other sources?

Yes! You might remember that I said above that the Cricut is not required to use the press. You can also use a sublimation print on the mugs if you own a printer. I’ll also reveal more details in a later post. Yes, I do know that there are so many things about this machine to share!

My verdict:

My verdict

Should you buy a Cricut Mug Press or not? You can decide whether or not to purchase the Cricut Mug Press. It’s fun to use if you are making items for a small company or you know you will be using it often. I think it’s something you’ll enjoy. Be sure to factor in the price of both the mug press and the materials.

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