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Mous Drops iPhone X Cases From Helicopters and Cranes

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British tech accessories brand Mous has made headlines with its unconventional marketing strategy, dropping iPhone X cases from helicopters, cranes, and other daring stunts. This eye-catching approach has garnered viral attention, propelling the company to raise a remarkable $2.5 million through crowdfunding. Mous’ success can be attributed to its innovative use of Airoshock, a smart material that absorbs shock and protects iPhones from accidental drops without compromising on style or functionality. Let’s explore the features and benefits of Mous’ iPhone X cases and discover why they have become a popular choice among smartphone users.

Airoshock: Unparalleled Impact Protection

At the heart of Mous’ iPhone X cases lies Airoshock, a cutting-edge material designed to absorb and disperse impact energy during accidental drops. Featuring micro air pockets and cross-linking polymer chains, Airoshock acts like springs, cushioning the device and preventing damage. Upon impact, the air pockets compress while the polymer chains stretch, effectively slowing down the rate of deceleration. This unique combination allows Mous cases to withstand falls from heights of up to 45 feet, ensuring the safety of your iPhone X.

Versatile Compatibility and Stylish Design

Mous cases go beyond protection, offering compatibility with various accessories through their magnetic plates. Whether you need a car mount or a wallet attachment, Mous cases seamlessly work with a range of accessories, enhancing your everyday life. Additionally, Mous presents a diverse selection of models and materials, including walnut, bamboo, and aramid fiber. With options to suit different tastes and budgets, Mous provides stylish and durable cases that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality.

Limitless Range: MagSafe-Compatible and Superior Protection

The Limitless range from Mous introduces the next level of iPhone X protection, incorporating Airoshock technology and one-touch magnetic accessories. These MagSafe-compatible cases are available in various authentic materials like black marble, bamboo wood, and kevlar. Designed to stand out and provide ultimate protection, Limitless cases feature a built-in steel plate for easy attachment of accessories without the risk of scratching or bending. With AutoAlignPlus, a magnetic connector system utilizing strategically placed magnets, Mous offers seamless integration with accessories such as card wallets, vent car mounts, and flip wallets.

AutoAlignPlus and Slick Screen Protector

Mous continues to innovate with the incorporation of AutoAlignPlus in their iPhone Xs case, making it one of the world’s first cases to support a magnetic connector system. Featuring 20 strategically placed magnets, this advanced technology allows seamless connection with a variety of accessories, ensuring convenience and versatility. Additionally, Mous provides a sleek screen protector that not only adds a touch of luxury to your iPhone X but also offers genuine scratch protection. The proprietary magnetic ridge technology securely holds your phone in place without the need for screws or adhesives, preserving your device’s integrity.

Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Use

Mous’ commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of environmentally friendly materials in their cases. By opting for sustainable options, Mous ensures that users can protect their iPhones while also making an eco-conscious choice. Furthermore, Mous cases are designed to be user-friendly, with easy installation and removal, lightweight construction, and a slim profile that adds minimal bulk to your iPhone X. The folio cover and card wallet options provide additional value and convenience, allowing for secure storage and quick access to essential items.


Mous’ daring marketing strategy of dropping iPhone X cases from helicopters and cranes has propelled the company into the spotlight. By combining innovative Airoshock technology with versatile compatibility and stylish design, Mous has captured the attention of smartphone users worldwide. The Limitless range, with its MagSafe compatibility and AutoAlignPlus feature, further establishes Mous as a leader in smartphone protection and accessory innovation. Whether you’re seeking unmatched impact resistance, a sleek and functional case, or an eco-friendly choice, Mous delivers on all fronts. Embrace the Mous experience and enjoy the confidence of knowing your iPhone X is safeguarded with cutting-edge technology, exceptional style, and a commitment to sustainability.