Omega Juicer: Squeeze Your Way to Wellness in This Year

What is Omega Juicer Products Inc?

Omega juicer Products Inc. was founded in 1985. (originally Olympic Products) has been a specialist in juicers. The company has a wide range of juicers including citrus juicers and centrifugal juicers.

Omega’s masticating juicers are its most popular products. Omega Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System is one of the top contenders. Our top juicer 2024 List ranks Omega at No. 7. Omega also makes blenders, food preparation machines, and beverage dispensers.

Easy and quick setup

Assembling this was pretty intuitive and easy. It’s impossible to assemble the parts in the wrong order, nor are there any parts that are confusing. The drum is not turned on and off by a lever, but rather by a large lever located on the top of the body. When it’s time for cleaning up after juicing, lift the lever to release it.

The machine comes with a small booklet that contains safety information, information on parts, assembly and cleaning, as well some recipes.

The book is very useful but I think it would have been better if the book had included a list of parts that are dishwasher safe. The instructions also repeatedly state that you should press REV (reverse), not ON, to turn on the machine. Although pressing REV won’t hurt anything, a juicer will only produce juice when the machine is ON.

Design: It is cute

This juicer is adorable compared to the giant bulky ones. It has a sleek, shiny exterior in black that looks attractive and modern (also available red). This juicer is small, inside and out. It’s well-built, and it is very sturdy. The pulp cup can be slid under the drum assembly and the juice cup will fit inside.

The cup can hold 28 ounces (3 cups). The juice cup can hold 28 ounces (3 cups ). The juice cup is clear and has measurements on one side. It is easy to see how much juice has been accumulated and when it should be emptied. The drum and feed chute is also transparent, so you can easily see what’s going on. You can also watch for jams. This juicer features a reverse switch to help prevent jamming.

This lightweight juicer

This lightweight juicer is great for moving around. It can be a problem if the person moves around too much at the counter. The suction cups on this juicer solve the problem. They keep the machine firmly in place so that it doesn’t move around when it’s being used and won’t slide or tip if it’s bumped.

This juicer is small, inside and out. It’s well-built, and it is very sturdy.

The juicer came with an additional strainer/filter. This piece is designed to fit on the auger end and separate the pulp from juice. I initially thought the extra strainer might have a smaller mesh that would allow for more pulp. However, the mesh on the strainer was the same. There were no markings on the part or documentation to indicate that it was different. It’s a spare. Although I’m not complaining about getting a spare part I may need in the future, I would prefer a strainer that had a mesh of a different size to make my machine more versatile.

Features: Basic and basic

The price of this juicer makes it understandable that there aren’t many extra features. According to the manual, accessories can be purchased separately in order to make the machine even more versatile. There are two attachments: a Slicing/Shredding and a Sorbet Making attachment .These were listed in the manual but I could not find them on sale.

Multifunctional green juice specialist

The Omega 8228 is characterized by its easy handling, compact dimensions, and high yield of juice, particularly with green juices. The new pulp regulator is what makes this possible. The previous model, 826, did not have this feature.

The Omega 8228 is a versatile appliance that can be used in many other kitchen preparations. For example, sorbets or nut milks. It’s also great for pasta and grissini.

Omega Juicers 8228 Product Highlights:

  • High juice yield with the new pulp regulator: The Omega 8228 can squeeze out juice so efficiently that it achieves a high yield. This holds, especially for celery and other leafy vegetables.
  • Compact design: Omega Juicers 8228 horizontal juicer is perfect for kitchens that are small and have limited space.
  • Multifunctional: Not only can the Omega 8228 juice, but but it can also make sorbets or nut milks. It is also capable of making pasta, grissinis, and nut milk.
  • All parts come with a 5-year guarantee.

Omega juicer: About the manufacture

Omega, an American company, has been manufacturing juicers to produce cold-pressed juices in the United States since the 1980s. Omega’s products are constantly being improved. Omega Juicers’ 8228, which is a successor to the 8226 model, has made a quantum leap forward in terms of yield. This is why we decided to stock this juicer.

What is the quality of juice?

Clear green juices

The Omega Juicers 828 produce clear green juices that are virtually fiber free from leafy vegetables or herbs. You can use it to make cabbage. The ingredients are juiced at 80 revolutions per minutes, preserving nutrients without creating heat. The flavor is round and smooth.

Juices of fruits and vegetables – either as a single variety or a mixture

Omega Juicer 8228 is a single-variety juicer that can produce fruit and vegetable juices. It also produces mixed juices. Juice consistency will be thicker if only soft fruits are juiced such as peaches, pears or mealy apples.

Shots of ginger and/or turmeric

The Omega 8228 can help you prepare a healthy immune booster with turmeric and ginger in a clear consistency.

Tip Turmeric shots, especially ginger shots, are very colorful. We recommend placing a piece of cloth underneath the glass or container to collect juice so that juice does not drip onto the counter when you remove them.

Fresh sauerkraut juice

The Omega 8228 was able to produce probiotic sauerkraut liquid without any issues. The Omega Juicers Juicers 8228 can extract just over 70 ml from 100 grams of raw, fresh sauerkraut.

Can the Omega Juicers 828 produce celery juices?

Omega Juicers’ 8228 is better for producing celery juice than its predecessor, the 8226. The new pulp regulator allows for a higher pressure to be applied to the pressed pulp, resulting in a much higher yield of juice. It was ranked 4th in our celery juicing test. The juicer extracted 392 ml on average from 500g of celery. Recommendable! The test-winner Angel Juicer extracts 430 ml.

Preparation Tip:

 Cut celery stalks in pieces of 1-2 cm. Omega Juixers 828 juices faster and more efficiently, according to our experience, and since the device is commonly known as the model 8228.

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