Smeg Coffee Maker Review

Smeg coffee maker

Smeg has a reputation for building style icons that aren’t just functional. This fully-automatic drip coffee maker has a retro vibe that will look good on almost any kitchen countertop.

To use it, simply fill the tank with filtered water and switch it on. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.


If you love the aesthetic of Smeg appliances and are looking for a coffee maker that will add some flair to your kitchen, this may be the machine for you. However, be aware that you will also pay a premium for this style of machine over a standard drip coffee maker.

This model is designed to be seen, and it certainly looks beautiful on a countertop. It’s available in a variety of colors including primary red, pastel blue, and black. The retro chrome and curves make a statement on any counter. It has a ten cup capacity and includes a warming plate. The programmable timer and LED digital display makes it easy to use. The aroma setting is adjustable between delicate and intense, so you can customize your brew to suit your tastes.

While there are some nice features on this model, there are also some things that could be improved. For example, the beeps that sound when you press a button or when the brewing cycle finishes can be rather annoying. So many customers complained about this that Smeg released a new version of the coffee maker with the option to turn the beeps off.

Another feature that’s missing from this coffee maker is a brew pause. This would allow you to grab a cup of coffee before the brew cycle is finished without interrupting it. This is a fairly common feature, so it’s surprising that this one isn’t included.

Like other Smeg appliances, this coffee maker is simple to operate. There’s no automatic cleaning or descaling, but you should be able to keep the machine clean by wiping down the exterior and hot plate with water on a regular basis. It’s important to regularly clean the water reservoir and grounds basket too.

As with any filter coffee machine, the taste of your brew will depend on the quality of your beans and the way they’re ground. But, if you take care to source high-quality beans and grind them yourself in a coarse setting, this Smeg coffee maker should be able to produce a tasty cup of joe each and every time.


The Smeg coffee maker is a beautiful and functional appliance that will make a statement on your kitchen counter. Its sleek lines are accentuated by the painted stainless steel body that comes in colors such as black, red, white, and cream. It also comes with a customizable water hardness feature, an aroma setting function, and an LED digital display with clock/timer. The Smeg drip coffee maker is easy to use, and it has an automatic shut off function that activates after 1 hour of inactivity.

The ten cup capacity is large enough for most households, and the warming plate will keep your coffee warm for up to 60 minutes after the brewing cycle has finished. It is also possible to brew a single cup of coffee with this Smeg drip coffee maker, which is useful if you only want one cup of coffee in the morning.

A programmable timer makes it easy to set your coffee machine to start brewing at a certain time. The Smeg coffee maker is also simple to clean, and it has an anti-drip system that prevents the water reservoir from spilling out.

This Smeg drip coffee maker is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a vintage flair. It has a stylish design, and it can be customized to match your kitchen décor. The automatic shut off function is a great addition, and it helps to save energy.

Smeg has a wide range of products, including coffee machines and retro refrigerators. The company’s unique designs and innovative features make them a popular choice for many people. This retro-styled coffee maker is perfect for those who want to add a splash of color to their kitchen.

The Smeg coffee maker has several unique features that help it stand out from other drip coffee makers. The programmable timer and auto shut off functions are helpful, and the adjustable water hardness feature allows you to customize your coffee’s taste. The Smeg coffee maker is also easy to maintain, and it has a durable construction that will last for years.


As the name implies, style is the main attraction with this retro drip coffee machine. It has a highly detailed aesthetic that evokes a 1950s vibe and is made with a high degree of craftsmanship. The rounded edges contribute to this aesthetic and are also a feature that adds to the quality of the machine as a whole.

The Smeg coffee maker is simple to use. The lid opens easily to load the ground coffee and water, and there is a transparent window on the side that lets you see how much water remains. Once you press the start button, the brewing cycle begins. The machine can make either a delicate or intense aroma, and the timer function allows you to set when you want it to begin and stop brewing.

Once the brew is complete, the Smeg coffee maker will keep your coffee warm on its warming plate until it is needed. This is a great feature, especially for those who are trying to conserve energy. The Smeg coffee maker is also designed to monitor the hardness of your water, and it will let you know if it needs to be descaled. It is recommended to descale your Smeg coffee maker at least twice a year.

This coffee maker does not have a removable water filter, so you will need to clean it by hand occasionally. Other than that, the Smeg coffee maker is fairly easy to maintain. It is important to regularly clean the carafe, reservoir, and grounds basket with water and vinegar. It is also a good idea to wipe down the exterior and hotplate from time to time.

Smeg is an Italian brand that is known for its beautiful appliances, including this vintage-inspired drip coffee machine. The company was founded in 1948 and is based in Guastalla, Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. The SMEG name is an abbreviation of the company’s original name, which was “Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.” The company produces appliances in a variety of shapes and colors, with a focus on functionality as well as style. The Smeg drip coffee machine is no exception, and it will make a wonderful addition to any kitchen.


Smeg is a well-established Italian brand that has become famous for their colorful 1950s-style domestic appliances. They make toasters, ovens, blenders, kettles and washing machines, but they also make coffee makers that are a little bit more special than your average drip machine. These machines combine a retro style with advanced functionality to create a piece of kitchen art that’s worth showing off. But are they worth the price tag?

The answer to that question depends on your priorities. If you’re looking for a simple coffee maker that just does the job without any frills, there are plenty of other drip machines available on the market that will do just that for much less money. However, if you’re someone that values aesthetics and wants a stylish addition to your kitchen, then the Smeg coffee maker might be worth the extra cost for you.

Unlike many drip coffee makers that have a pretty basic design, the Smeg has a sleek and retro style that will look great in any modern kitchen. It’s also small enough to fit on most counter spaces and can be tucked away in a cupboard when not in use. The streamlined design also makes it easy to keep clean and maintain.

Although the Smeg coffee maker does not take pods or capsules, it does have a removable filter that can be used with loose ground or whole beans. This means you can customize your coffee experience to your own preferences. The Smeg also has a light indicator that lets you know when it’s time to fill the water reservoir or replace the filter.

The Smeg coffee maker is also a great choice for those that like to brew multiple cups at once. It can accommodate up to 10 cups in a single carafe, so you don’t have to worry about running out of coffee. In addition, the Smeg has a built-in water reservoir that will keep your coffee hot for a long time.