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The Mous Case Review

Mous is a UK-based tech accessories brand that’s best known for its extreme drop testing videos. Their founders even hired a helicopter to throw an iPhone encased in one of their cases, and it survived without a scratch.

Mous case are made from gorgeous genuine materials like Aramid Carbon Fiber, Walnut, Leather (black), Bamboo, and Shell. They come with a design panel embedded on the back and support MagSafe.


Mous offers a number of protective and sleek designs for iPhone, iPad and other smartphones. The Limitless 2.0, for example, is designed to offer both rugged protection and a slim profile. It features AiroShock technology to absorb impact and a raised lip that helps to keep the screen protected from damage when dropped. It also has precision cut-outs for the camera, lightning port and mute switch.

Mous case also comes in a variety of premium materials, including black leather, white leather, walnut, and bamboo. Mous case is not cheap, but it’s one of the best cases for protecting your device.

Another option from Mous case is the Limitless 4.0, which is thinner than the 2.0 model and offers similar military-grade drop protection. Its patented design includes a protective raised edge that keeps the screen elevated when placed face down. And it’s also compatible with Mag Safe charging. In addition, it’s made from high-performance polycarbonate and TPU.

Each of Mous case models is designed to work with the company’s full line of accessories. This includes mounts, stands, flip wallets and card wallets that are magnetically attached to the back of the cases. These accessories work with the company’s Auto Align Plus system. which places 20 magnets in a ring around the back of the case to help reduce interference and create a stronger connection to the phone.

Founded in 2014 by James Griffith and Josh Shires, Mous case founders grew frustrated with existing slim cases that were too flimsy or bulky. After numerous prototypes and expensive smashed phones, the team created the company’s first product: the Limitless 1.0 phone case. Its slim, rugged design and Mag Safe compatibility quickly gained popularity, and the team has since expanded to include Lucy Hutchinson, James Day and Will Mullen.

Design Of Mous Case

mous case

Mous is a tech accessories brand that has designed a range of smartphone cases that combine rugged protection with cool design. Their goal is to create world-class products that make technology better. The company is best known for creating highly engaging YouTube content to demonstrate the strength of their cases.

Their videos have received millions of views and show phones protected by Mous cases being dropped out of helicopters, bridges, buildings and even 45ft cranes. Their success is based on their belief that technology should enhance the way we live and not stand in the way of it.

The Mous Limitless 2.0 is a slim case that offers trusted drop protection and MagSafe compatibility. It also features a magnetic mounting system that supports a range of accessories, including a card wallet and flip wallet. It is available in a variety of premium materials, including black leather, aramid fiber, simulated walnut and bamboo.

It is easy to install, and it doesn’t slip or show fingerprints. It is also compatible with wireless charging and has a built-in magnet array that doesn’t interfere with MagSafe support.

Although the design of this phone case is not as sleek as an Apple case, it’s still a great choice for those looking for protection and style. Its rounded edges are comfortable to hold, and its raised edges help protect the screen. It’s also lightweight and offers a good grip.

The side grips are textured to prevent sliding and the case has an anodized aluminum frame with soft microfiber inside. Its polycarbonate insert buttons feel just like the iPhone’s and have a satisfying click. Its magnetic mount is 50% thicker than industry standard and doesn’t get in the way of Qi-wireless charging.

The founders of Mous set out to solve a problem they encountered as iPhone users: slim cases were too flimsy and protective ones were ugly. Eventually, they created the Limitless 5.0, which combines poly-carbonate and TPU with Airo Shock technology to protect devices from extreme drops and bumps. The back of the case has an N45 magnet array that supports Mag Safe accessories and mounts, and Mous offers a range of add-ons that include a flip wallet, suction car mount, vent car mount, card wallet, and a magnetic wall hook.

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Durability Of Mous case

mous case

The Mous case is a durable and stylish phone case that is designed to protect your iPhone from a wide range of situations. It is made from a variety of cool materials, including aramid carbon fiber and real wood. It is also lightweight. Which makes it comfortable to hold and easy to slide in and out of the pocket.

The case features a design that provides protection from all angles, with a lip that gradually gets taller towards the corners of the screen. This feature helps to prevent the screen from touching the table or the wall if your phone is placed face down. Its durability is a result of the fact that it is crafted from high-quality materials, which make it less likely to break or crack.

The company’s founders have put a lot of thought into the design of their cases to ensure that they are as durable as possible. This has paid off, with their most successful YouTube content receiving more than 18m views.

The videos show phones protected by Mous cases being dropped out of helicopters, buildings and even a 45-foot crane. The cases are so well-designed that they can withstand these extreme drops without any damage to the phone or its screen.

Another great feature of the Mous case is its mounting system, which is called Auto-Align. This system uses a series of magnets that are strategically placed on the back of the case to align and connect with accessories and mounts. This includes a car mount, flip wallet and card wallet that snap into place on the back of the case without the need for adhesives. The case also supports Mag Safe charging.

Unlike the Otterbox and Speck, which offer a balance between style and protection, the Mous Clarity offers maximum protection while still looking good. The case is clear to show off your shiny new iPhone 12 and has clever tapered ridges on the edge that reduce the chance of scratching. It’s also anti-yellowing and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The case is available in several different premium materials, including a rugged aramid fiber, a classy black leather, a beautiful walnut and a handsome bamboo. It looks good with a variety of outfits and is comfortable in your hand, while the raised edges protect the display from scratches when holding the phone.

Price of Mous case

Mous is a UK-based mobile accessory company that combines protection with style. They have made a name for themselves by demonstrating the extreme protective capabilities of their products. They have done everything from dropping phones from helicopters to sneaking into an Apple store disguised as press to live-test their cases in front of actual consumers.

They believe that slim aesthetic designs and protection for your phone don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and that’s exactly what their phones prove.

The Mous Clarity Case is an excellent choice for iPhone 12 Pro Max owners who want a clear back and good protection. Its patented Airo Shock material uses air pockets to absorb shock without adding too much bulk to the case. It also has molded spots for a SIM card and a SIM ejector tool. The case has a sleek design that complements the color of the iPhone’s back.

It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the price if you want a stylish case that will last. You can find it on the Mous website and at Amazon.

You can choose from different colors and materials for the cases, including walnut, leather, and Aramid carbon fiber. The case’s Auto-Align Plus mount system has been updated for the new iPhone XS and XR models, and now works with MagSafe. The mounts use a ring of one-way magnets to reduce interference and provide a stronger connection with the phone.

Unlike most clear phone cases, the Mous Clarity doesn’t yellow over time. It’s made of high-quality, durable materials that will protect your phone for years to come. It also has a strong grip and can survive even the most extreme drops.

The Mous Clarity is available for the iPhone XR, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro. Its Auto-Align Plus mounting system makes it compatible with a range of accessories, including a vent car mount, suction mount, and wall mount. It also supports Qi wireless charging. Its price is higher than other clear cases, but it’s worth the extra cost if you need a clear case that will look great with your new phone.