Thuma Bed Review

thuma bed

Thuma Bed Review

Thuma bed is a high-quality platform bed frame that comes in a variety of finishes and color options. This bed frame is made from sustainable wood and free of toxic chemicals.

Thuma’s goal is to create products that are solid, eco-friendly, and built to last. Their product line includes simple and minimalistic designs that are sure to make a good addition to your bedroom.


Thuma bed is an eco-friendly bed frame that uses recycled and repurposed rubberwood. This makes it a good option for those looking for an eco-friendly bed that is also durable and beautiful to look at. The company also aims to reduce the amount of waste in the production process.

The company combines Japanese craftsmanship with modern interior design to create bed frames that are simple and easy to assemble. Each of their frames comes with a unique design and slats that are eco-friendly.

They also use sustainable packaging that doesn’t include styrofoam or peanuts. This makes it easier for the company to ship their products and reduces their carbon footprint.

Another great thing about the thuma bed is that it has a high load capacity of over 1,500 pounds. This means that it can support a large mattress without having to use a box spring, which can help save you money in the long run.

The thuma bed is also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use any toxic chemicals in its production process. Instead, it uses up-cycled rubberwood that’s sourced from tree plantations nearby. This ensures that it’s not only environmentally friendly, but also safe for the workers who make these beds.

Lastly, the company focuses on using only materials that are organic and naturally-sourced. This helps to avoid chemicals that may have been sprayed on trees to kill pests.

The company’s goal is to keep their customers happy and satisfied, so they make sure to have customer service representatives available around the clock. They will respond to any issues you have and will even send you a replacement bed frame if there is a problem with the one that you purchased.


Thuma beds are crafted with comfort in mind. They are made of quality materials and can last for decades. They also come in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can find one that matches your style.

The bed is comfortable because of its slats, which help to distribute weight evenly. These slats are spaced 3-inches apart to provide the right amount of support and comfort for your body. They are also backed by an eco-felt material, which helps to keep them in place.

This frame is rated to hold 1,500 pounds, which makes it ideal for heavier people and those who use an adjustable bed. It also comes in a natural or walnut wood finish that looks great with any bedroom decor.

Assembling the bed is easy, thanks to a unique Japanese joinery technique that allows the long side, short side, and leg to fit together like puzzle pieces without screws or screwdrivers. This makes the bed simple to put together and ensures that you get a strong, sturdy frame.

Another great feature is that you can easily adjust the height of the headboard to your liking. This makes it easier to read or watch TV while you sleep, since you can easily raise the height of the headboard to your preferred level.

You can even buy a set of cushions for the headboard to add a bit of height and give you extra cushioning on your head. The pillows are made of CertiPUR-US(r) certified foam and have a pebbled linen-weave fabric. These cushions are available in dark charcoal, fog grey, and light linen.


The Thuma bed is a modern, minimalist frame that can be incorporated into any bedroom style. Its simple design makes it a breeze to set up and is made from durable materials that can stand up to everyday use.

The bed comes in various sizes, including twin, full, queen, king and California king. It has a slatted base and is available with a pillow board or headboard. It also comes with a storage sleeve for books and other reading materials.

Since it is made of solid wood, the Thuma bed is very sturdy and can hold a significant amount of weight without breaking. The slats are spaced four inches apart to help support your mattress, without the need for a box spring.

It is GREENGUARD Gold certified and uses upcycled and recycled wood. It is a great option for environmentally conscious buyers who want to purchase furniture that is safe and healthy for their families. It is also sold in partnership with One Tree Planted, which plants three trees for every bed that is sold.

This frame is a bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market but it is definitely worth it for the quality and durability. The slats are spaced to help support your mattress, and the wood is a very high-quality piece of acacia that is both durable and beautiful.

Lastly, the Thuma bed has a 100-night trial period that lets you try the bed at home before you make your final decision. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

The Thuma bed is a great choice for those who want to buy a high-quality, modern, and sustainable piece of furniture. Its easy to assemble frame is made from durable materials, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Its Japanese minimalist aesthetic, eco-friendly manufacturing, and attentive customer service make it a quality option for anyone looking for a good night’s sleep.

Easy to assemble

Thuma beds are designed with simple and easy assembling in mind. These beds require minimal tools and are made out of beautiful grained solid wood. They also do not use any glues or harsh adhesives to assemble them, making them very safe and eco-friendly.

This is a great choice for anyone looking to make their home more eco-friendly. It uses repurposed rubber wood from rubber tree plantations, which is a renewable resource and is more sustainable than other hardwoods.

It is also a good choice for someone who wants to save money. It is made from upcycled materials and uses a linen-weave pillowboard instead of a traditional headboard, which can help you save money.

The bed also features a clean, minimalist look that makes it ideal for any bedroom. It comes in different colors and can be purchased with either a pillowboard or a wooden headboard.

Compared to other bed frames, this one is very easy to assemble. It only requires a few screws and is lightweight enough for one person to assemble it on their own. Its slats are double-strength and are built to hold up to 1,500 pounds of weight, so you don’t have to worry about the frame breaking apart.

Another plus is that it is easy to move around your house, making it a perfect solution for those who move frequently or travel. It is not difficult to transport and can be unpacked in minutes, which can help save you time and effort.

The thuma bed is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make their bedroom more environmentally friendly. It is constructed from upcycled materials and is a safe, sturdy option that will last for years to come. It also offers a great price tag, making it the perfect option for any budget.

100-night trial

Thuma bed is a well-made platform bed frame that can last you for years. Its simple designs are aesthetically appealing and are made using eco-friendly materials. They also offer a 100-night trial to ensure you are satisfied with the product.

The frame is made with repurposed wood and features Japanese joinery techniques that are easy to assemble. Its felt-covered slats help to absorb noise and motion disturbances for a peaceful night’s sleep. It is available in a variety of sizes and features cork padded legs to offer stable placement.

Its unique slats support your mattress without a box spring and have a weight limit of 1,500 pounds. This makes it an excellent choice for heavy sleepers and couples who need a sturdy bed frame.

Another reason why thuma bed is so popular is its eco-friendly nature. It uses recycled cardboard boxes to avoid the use of environmentally unfriendly packaging materials such as Styrofoam.

The bed is crafted with repurposed wood, which showcases natural grain and knots to add a unique touch to the bed. It also has an eco-friendly felt that’s made from recycled plastics.

When you purchase a bed from thuma, you can return it within 30 days of receiving it. However, the company does not cover shipping fees for returns.

The Thuma bed is an eco-friendly product that is designed with Japanese joinery to make it a sturdy frame without extra hardware or clunky pieces. It is also easily assembled and comes with a lifetime warranty. The frame is available in a variety of sizes, and its minimalist design pairs perfectly with modern architecture.