Ariana Grande perfume could be “Ari’s Essence” or simply “Grande Fragrance.”

ariana grande featured image

ariana grande first smell

You can first smell the milky, sweet coconut scent. It gets more sexy as the scent settles and becomes more noticeable . This is super sweet but in a nice way. It’s the perfect combination of coconut, wild raspberry and white pear. I believe that many people feel the same as me, and at first dislike it. You might find it to be too sweet or too strong the first time, but after it has settled on your skin, and you have used it throughout the day, it becomes more appealing.

The ariana grande packaging

ariana grande perfume packing

The packaging and bottle are also very cute, and different from the other fragrances in my collection. The packaging is a pink broken heart, of course. The bottle is pink, but transparent, and topped with a glowing pink XOXO XOXO cap that fits the theme of THANK YOU, NEXT. The cap is topped with a broken heart that matches the perfume holder.

ariana grande eau-de-parfum

This is an eau-de-parfum, so it’s only necessary to spray the fragrance once or twice daily.Eau de Parfum is the most concentrated fragrance, with a concentration between 15 and 20 percent. The average eau de Parfum lasts between four and five hours Eau de Toilette has a fragrance between 5% to 15%.Eau de Toilette, while being one of the most common types of perfumes, is also cheaper than eau de Parfum.

ariana grande celebrity fragrance

ariana grande perfume fregrence

The first time I used this perfume, I did not like it. Now I love this. This is the only celebrity fragrance I like. If I didn’t realize it was Ariana, I would have thought it was a high-end fragrance brand. It really depends on what you like when it comes to perfumes. But for me, this one is great. I don’t have a favourite perfume, I like them all. But if you love sweet coconut scents then this is the one for you. I would never recommend buying fragrances online blindly. I prefer to test it first. This fragrance should be available in most stores in the world. You may check out the product in person before ordering online or in-store.If you are a fan of Ariana’s scents, this is the first one I have tried.

ariana grande reviews

ariana grande reviews

Stay tuned for more fragrance reviews! Comment below and let me know what you think about this perfume, and if you have ever tried it. Today I’m back with a new fragrance review, focusing this time on Ariana’s Thank You, Next. When I first tried the perfume, I wasn’t a fan. As I sprayed the fragrance on my body and it stayed there for the entire day, I began to like it. It was then that I decided to buy this fragrance, because I just couldn’t stop thinking about it!

ariana grande reviews

Ari Perfume was the first perfume designed by Ariana. It was launched in 2015. The scent is a combination of pears, grapefruits and raspberries. Crisp, fruity and not too sweet. The floral and ultra-feminine heart notes make this scent a real treat. The combination of rose, orchid and lily of the valley creates a powdery scent with a hint of sexiness. The base of this scent is characterized by woody notes, marshmallow and a gourmand note. The packaging is playful and fun. The bottle is cut from a pink-colored glass and has a pom pom on top. The sweet, soft fragrance is suitable for casual days or a girls’ night out.

first introduce

Ariana Grande was the first to introduce this brand to the world. She is an internationally recognized singer, actress, and songwriter. The brand has launched up to seven fragrances that are all unique and sophisticated. Ariana Grande is already a huge success in the TV, theatre and music industries. She has made headlines, and broken records. Ariana Grande’s perfume collections are now in the spotlight.

Ariana Grande gift sets are hugely popular, and come in a variety of feminine scents. The best-selling Ariana Grande Ari Perfume reflects her youthful, vibrant, and positive personality.

ariana grande long lasting

These perfumes come in recognizable bottles with fluffy pom-poms They are perfect as a treat or gift. Ariana Grande’s perfume has notes of peony and marshmallow, and is reminiscent to fruit sundaes. Choose from the range of Ariana Grande perfumes that are confident and seductive at Perfume Direct. ThePerfumeClub has the best selection of Ariana Grande fragrances for women Our carefully selected collection includes a wide range of scents that will make you feel and smell amazing. Ariana’s perfumes come in a range of scents from playful and sweet to sophisticated and elegant. Each perfume is designed to provide a long-lasting, delightful aroma for any occasion. Discover your perfect fragrance today. Ariana Grande fragrances are available exclusively at ThePerfumeClub.

ariana grande sents

Ariana Grande perfume sents

Beauty Base stocks a wide range of Ariana Grande fragrances that embody the dainty spirit of this pop sensation. Ariana Grande Cloud, one of her most popular fragrances, is available at Beauty Base so that you can enjoy the sweet scent wherever you go. You can enjoy your new fragrance as much for its look as it is for the scent, with these unique, playful bottles. Choose from the Ariana Grande cloud perfume or the Thank You, Next broken-hearted bottle. These bottles will be sure to spark conversation on your dressing table. Browse Beauty Base’s collection of popstar perfumes, including scents by global celebrities like Beyonce. Cloud is Ari’s best-selling scent. It has notes such as lavender, bergamot and pear, with middle notes like vanilla, coconut and praline, and base notes that include creamy woods and sensual musky notes. Ari’s light scent is a gift to her fans of positivity and joy, which explains why it’s popular. Ariana Grande’s Prestige is packaged in a cloud-shaped bottle that makes a statement. It’s suited for all Ariana fans. Grande’s success has been unmatched in the fragrance industry, with sales of more than $500 million since its launch.

natural ingredients

Ariana’s perfumes continue to exceed expectations and defy the trend of celebrity fragrances. It is a testament to Ariana’s ability to connect to her fans, and to her passion for creating an authentic scent. With the launch of “Thank U Next” in 2019, the award-winning franchise has received nominations for Fragrance of the Year as well as Media Campaign of the Year. Consumer Choice was also nominated.

God is a woman is inspired by nature’s grand power.This product is vegan, cruelty-free and made from 91% natural ingredients.God is a Woman will donate a portion of every purchase to global ocean cleaning initiatives in the two weeks after its launch.

Grande says; massage

ariana grande perfume massage

Grande says, “I am beyond excited to celebrate our first-ever fragrance release.” We have always been cruelty-free, but we’re proud to take this next step and move into clean with vegan ingredients and responsibly sourced materials. “I really love this fragrance, and I hope that it makes everyone who wears it feel beautiful and empowered.”

The powerful message that Ariana is sending to her fans is represented by God is a Woman. Noreen Dodge explains that the alluring scent and brand represent an evolution of Clean Beauty, a franchise of LUXE Brands. The brand has always used the best ingredients and been cruelty-free. However, we want to change the packaging to be more sustainableLeaders in the industry have taken deliberate and thoughtful actions across a wide range of categories.You will see more and more exciting changes across the franchise

R.E.M. By Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, invites you on a journey to the stars with her new perfume R.E.M. The new perfume is inspired by Ari’s passion for outer space, the universe and all things cosmicYou will feel like you can conquer the galaxy. R.E.M. The fragrance of R.E.M. This unforgettable journey is a combination of Lavender essence and intoxicating musks, cashmere-like Tonka, and sandalwood.

Ariana defend this new fragrance

The fragrance is contained in the delicate bottle of lavender with the shiny logo emblem and the crystal cap rising to the heavens. The intergalactic elixir comes in a clear crystal base with complex facets, which reflect an inspiring show that can only be found in the cosmos. The comic-inspired second carton continues the story. Watch Ariana defend this new fragrance in the galaxy and beyond…where dreams become reality.

All products are authentic, original name-brands. We do not sell imitations or knockoffs. We welcome you to our Ariana Grande fragrance collection! You will find here a variety of perfumes inspired by Ariana Grande. Our best-selling fragrances include Ari and Cloud. We also have more recent scents such as God is a Woman and REM. We have fragrances to suit all tastes, whether you want a fruity and sweet scent like Sweet Like Candy, or something more sophisticated, like Thank U Next. We also offer budget-friendly options, such as our Ariana Grande cheap perfume range (30ml size), so that you can still smell like a star without spending a fortune. Discover the perfect Ariana Grande fragrance today by browsing our collection..Ariana Grande perfumes:

Frequently Asked Question

What are some of the most popular Ariana Grande fragrances?

Ariana Grande’s perfumes are popular, but her top-selling ones include Ari, Cloud and Moonlight.

What does Ariana’s Cloud fragrance smell like?

Ariana Grande’s Cloud is a floral and sweet scent that includes notes of vanilla orchid, lavender and pear.

What’s the difference between Ariana Grand’s Thank U Next and Sweet Like Candy fragrances?

Sweet Like Candy, a fruitier and sweeter scent, has notes of vanilla, blackberry and marshmallow.

Are Ariana Grande perfumes cruelty-free?

Ariana Grande’s perfumes have not been tested on animals and are therefore cruelty-free.

How long does Ariana Grande’s perfume last?

duration of Ariana Grande’s perfumes

The duration of Ariana Grande’s perfumes can differ depending on the scent and the body chemistry of the wearerThe average duration of the perfumes is 4-8 hours. Can I layer different Ariana Grande perfumes?     Yes, you can layer different Ariana Grande perfumes to create a unique scent  . Mix Cloud and Sweet Like Candy to create a floral and sweet scent, or Moonlight with Thank U, Next to get a sophisticated musky scent.

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