LG OLED TV RX Technology Is Impressive 2024

LG OLED TV RX Technology

If you’re in the market for a new TV, but you’re not sure where to begin, there’s a new type of OLED that might be right for you. It’s called the LG OLED TV RX. And while the company isn’t making it available to consumers just yet, there’s one way to get your hands on one.

LG’s rollable OLED TV RX isn’t magic

LG’s rollable OLED TV RX was one of the most exciting reveals at CES 2019. But the TV itself is not magic. The technology behind it is, however, impressive.

For example, the Ambient Light Sensor allows users to adjust the brightness of the TV panel based on the content on the screen. In addition, the company has integrated an integrated speaker system, making the TV sound better.

It also has a smart aluminum finish. A special panel on the bottom of the TV acts as a notification panel, allowing users to store information such as the weather or music playlists.

There are three different modes available for the OLED TV RX. These include Line View, Zero View, and Full View. When the TV is in Line View, it will roll to a narrow strip of the screen. This is a great way to show off pictures or watch a movie while still maintaining the full width of the screen.

Zero View, on the other hand, is when the TV is completely rolled up and hidden. This is the best way to keep your OLED TV RX from getting scratched or damaged. You can even use it to watch movies and Eastenders if you so choose.

Google Feature Of OLED TV RX:

Google Feature Of OLED TV RX

One of the most interesting aspects of the rollable OLED TV RX is that it can be used in different ways. Partially unrolled, it can be used as a smart digital picture frame. Similarly, you can turn it into a smart digital clock.

Another feature is that the OLED TV RX can be paired with Alexa or Google Assistant. Users can control the visibility of the screen and change its color schemes. If they want to play some tunes, they can open up the Bluetooth sound system.

Overall, the OLED TV RX is a unique TV that is unlike any other in its class. However, the price isn’t cheap. Fortunately, there are ways to get the LG OLED TV RX for a reasonable price. To find out more, visit the LG website and click on the ‘Inquire to Buy’ button.

Once you’ve ordered the LG Signature OLED TV RX, you’ll receive a free white glove delivery. That includes an informative tutorial and setup.

It’s currently only available in South Korea

The LG Signature OLED RX is a rollable television with 65 inches of display. This model has been a popular fixture at CES for the past two years. However, the product has yet to reach international markets.

While LG has not announced a price for the Signature OLED RX, it is expected to cost at least $87,000 in the U.S. This is roughly $20k more than the company’s original estimate of $65,000.

In addition to a stunning 65-inch 4K display, the Signature OLED TV RX features a flexible OLED panel that retracts into a base when not in use. The screen also offers three viewing options. There are a line view option, which allows the user to see parts of the display, and a full view option, which enables the user to completely unroll the TV from the base.

LG’s pitch for the TV is to offer top-of-the-line picture quality without compromising on the space it takes up. To this end, the device has individual dimming controls and a brushed aluminum casing.

Another cool feature is the ability to have the unit engrave a personalized message on the base. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Currently, the Signature OLED RX is only available in South Korea. According to the company, ten customers have already purchased the TV. Hopefully, more will join the ranks as the product continues to gain momentum.

Though there have been a few technological challenges, the new rollable television has overcome them. When compared to a traditional flat screen, the Signature OLED boasts smooth motion, a premium wool speaker cover, and three viewing modes.

It is also expected that the Signature OLED RX will eventually make its way to Australian shores. Until then, the South Korean consumer can enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

At CES, LG also showed off a prototype of the rollable OLED display. Now that the technology is finally ready for commercial sale, the company is launching the OLED TV RX in South Korea. Despite a recent price hike, the rollable TV is still a groundbreaking innovation.

It’s built for gaming

LG SIGNATURE’s OLED TV RX won several prestigious awards at the 2020 CES. It is one of the most powerful and versatile televisions in the world, delivering the most realistic picture quality available. The display boasts a massive screen, which is perfect for sports or other high-definition content.

LG’s TV also delivers the most accurate colors in the history of televisions. This is thanks to its unique self-lit pixel technology. Unlike other LED and LCD televisions, each pixel emits its own light. Using this feature can create infinite contrast.

Other features to look for in an OLED TV include its low input lag, fast response time, and low latency mode. These are all great features that will help you enjoy the best possible gaming experience.

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In addition to its impressive picture quality, the LG TV also has advanced acoustic surface technology that enables it to act as a speaker. A curved display is a rare option in the gaming TV space, but it can add immersion to some games.

If you’re looking for the most effective and efficient way to connect a gaming PC to your television, you’ll want to look for an HDMI port that supports 4k @ 120Hz. That’s standard for new 4K displays.

Both of these technologies

You can also look for a TV that has a low response time and variable refresh rate technology. This will improve your overall image quality and reduce the input lag. Some manufacturers are even using quantum dot technology to make this happen.

Another feature you’ll want to check out is its support for HDR. Thanks to a new HDR10 standard, you can expect to see a more diverse range of brightness levels and color.

Finally, you’ll want to see if it supports G-Sync or FreeSync. Both of these technologies will allow you to sync the action of your game with your TV’s motion. However, FreeSync will be a better choice if you plan on competitive gaming.

While these are the most important features to look for in an OLED TV RX, you will also want to take a closer look at each brand’s other offerings. For example, LG’s C2 model is a fantastically inexpensive gaming TV that delivers impressive color accuracy, a fast response time, and impressively low input lag.

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