The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google: Ultimate Guide 2024

konnect-i slim backpack with jacquard by google

The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google:

The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google

Jacquard was Google’s answer to wearables, something that lived in clothing, and didn’t add a lot of bulk.

Jacquard first debuted in Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket, but it’s now coming to Samsonite backpacks with two new models. One is a standard-sized bag for $230, and a slim model for $200.

Features of The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google:

The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google weaves touch-enabled controls into fabric. Last year, we saw it on Levi’s jean jackets and Saint Laurent backpacks. Now it’s in Samsonite backpacks, with two versions available: the konnect-i slim and standard.

The left strap in The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google:

The left strap in The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google bags is integrated with the Jacquard sensor, allowing it to react to touch gestures. The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google responds to brush up and down or double taps on the strap, and can perform configurable actions, ranging from getting notifications like a text message or call, to controlling your phone’s camera or playing your music.

A small, thumb-sized dongle slots into the bottom of the left strap and communicates with your phone via Bluetooth. It has a battery life of up to 10 days and can be charged via micro USB, so it’s always ready to go.

To activate The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google, download the app on your Android or iOS phone and pair it with the backpack. Then slot the dongle into the strap, which is held in place by a strip of material that also acts as a grip.

You’ll need to use the app to assign what kind of commands each gesture can unlock, like delivering call or text notifications, triggering your selfie camera, and controlling music. The The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google backpack itself can be configured to vibrate or show a tiny LED that flashes different colours when alerts are received.

Another nice featureof The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google is that it can be programmed to pause and skip songs, letting you take your own music with you on a trip or on a hike. The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Googlecan also be used as a remote for Google Assistant, with an LED lighting up when the Assistant is active and asking questions from the pack.

The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google backpack’s battery life is pretty good, too. It can keep going for weeks on a charge, and will put itself to sleep when your phone is moved away or disconnected.

If you’re looking for a smart backpack, the The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google is one of the cheaper options out there, at $199 and $220 for the slim and standard versions respectively. The The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google backpack is water-resistant, too, and features a dedicated space for 15.6-inch laptops. The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google can also be purchased in a couple of colors, including black or white.

Design of The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google:

The konnect-i slim backpack with jacquard by google is a sleek and minimalistic day bag, which packs a padded laptop/tablet sleeve inside the main compartment. It’s crafted with water-repellent polyester coated with a Teflon backing and comes in two sizes: standard and slim.

The Konnect-i Slim Backpack With Jacquard by Google also has a few smart features to make things easier when traveling around the city. These include tasks related to audio, such as play, pause, next track and what’s playing, communication, like receiving calls and texts, and navigation through functions including estimating arrival times, directions, dropped pins and saved locations.

You’ll be able to control your music or trigger the Google Assistant with a simple touch gesture on the left strap, which is fitted with Jacquard fibers that respond to swiping up, down or taps. You can also use the Jacquard app to customize what actions you want your backpack to perform, such as delivering call and text notifications, triggering a selfie or prompting Google Assistant to share the latest news.

To set up your backpack, you’ll need to place a tiny black rechargeable tag-like device into a slot on the left strap. You’ll then be able to connect your backpack to your phone using Bluetooth.

Whenever you brush up or brush down on the left strap, it will send a vibration and light to alert you to certain alerts. The Jacquard tag will then light up in red, green or blue to indicate that you’ve received an email or a text message.

While the technology is fairly basic, it’s a useful addition to a backpack, especially for people who aren’t always looking at their phones. Moreover, the backpack can also be configured to receive turn-by-turn directions on a hiking trail, without you having to glance at your phone.

The backpack is designed to be as weather resistant as possible, with the water-repellent fabric and easy-care construction being great for keeping your belongings safe in wet conditions. It also has reflective stripes to help you stand out in dark places and a smart sleeve for extra storage, making it a versatile backpack that you can take anywhere.


The Konnect-i slim backpack with jacquard by google is a smart day bag that’s designed to make your everyday journey more connected. It comes in two versions – the standard and slim version – and features a 15.6” padded laptop compartment, cushy padded shoulder straps and easy-access zipper compartments.

The main storage area is roomy enough for a large water bottle, lunch box, Nintendo Switch or headset, notebooks, and more. It also has a side water bottle holder, padded laptop slot and a small tablet pocket.

It looks like any ordinary backpack, but the left shoulder strap sports a tiny module made with a fabric that responds to touch. It’s embedded with Google’s Jacquard tech that was first used on Levi’s trucker jacket and Yves Saint Laurent Cit-E backpacks, and it’s controlled by simple hand gestures like brushing up, brushing down or double tapping the strap.

You can use these to control a range of functions: answering calls, hearing text messages, navigating using Google Maps, playing music or taking selfies, for example. The system works by connecting your smartphone to a little rechargeable Google Jacquard tag that lives inside the pack. It connects to the left shoulder strap via Bluetooth and can be programmed through the Jacquard app to enable different Abilities (the exact list of which can be customisable).

This means that you’ll have access to a range of basic controls such as adjusting your music, handling incoming calls and texts, triggering the Google Assistant and dealing with pedestrian or bike navigation without having to take your phone out of your bag. But as a result, it feels a little limited compared to other smartwatch alternatives that are more versatile and feature a much larger screen.

The Jacquard tag is charged by micro USB and lasts for up to 10 days – though you can get through several more without needing to charge it again. You can also plug multiple tags in, if you have a lot of items to control.


Google Jacquard is a technology that adds touch-enabled controls to fabrics. It first came to light on a Levi’s trucker jacket and more recently, as part of the $1,000 Saint Laurent Cit-E backpack. It’s also been incorporated into an Adidas and EA GMR shoe insert, which turns real-life movement into in-game rewards in FIFA Mobile.

The Konnect-i backpack is the latest product to incorporate Jacquard, and it’s much cheaper than some of its more high-end counterparts. It has a small micro-USB Bluetooth puck slot into one of the backpack’s straps, which responds to taps and brush up and down gestures.

These simple hand gestures allow you to answer calls and text messages, use Google Maps for navigation, take selfies, play songs or know when a rideshare service has arrived without needing your phone. The backpack can even be programmed to deliver alerts such as “Your flight is late” or “The subway is running late.”

There’s a small LED indicator that sits above the sensor strip that lights up depending on what alerts you’ve set. You can then customize these gestures in the Jacquard app to control other aspects of the backpack, such as triggering the Google Assistant or controlling music playback.

This backpack also comes in two variants: the Slim and Standard, with the latter featuring a padded compartment for 15.6-inch laptops. The main compartment has multiple pockets for a range of accessories, as well as a tablet pocket and water bottle holder.

Its outside is made from a combination of water-repellent polyester and easy-care fabric. It’s also rated IP54 for rain resistance and has a 3M reflective strip on the front to help users be identified in dark environments.

As for the interior, it’s roomy and comfortable, with plenty of foam padding to keep you comfortable during long days of travel. The main compartment is able to hold a large water bottle, notebooks and even a Nintendo Switch or headset.

There’s an optional lanyard that connects the backpack to your belt, making it easier to grab when you need it. You can also use a USB cable to charge the battery, which lasts between 10 and 14 days on a single charge.