Moon UltraLight 2 – The Right Light For Your Pocket, Bag

The Moon UltraLight 2 is the right light for your pocket, bag, or lifestyle. It’s small, compact, and has a touch-controlled user interface that makes it easy to operate. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last for up to a year and it has a lifetime warranty.

Touch-Controlled User Interface

If you are looking for the ultimate portable lighting solution for your smartphone, look no further than the Moon Ultra Light. This innovative, small-sized universal smartphone lighting accessory is designed with intuitive touch control to give you complete control over brightness and color. It also comes with a carrying case and charging cable.

Works With Smartphone:

This amazing device works with any smartphone, whether it is an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or even a MacBook. It is equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery which allows you to take full control of your lighting. The battery lasts for up to 2 hours and you can easily recharge it with a Micro-USB charging cable. In addition, you can adjust the temperature to suit your personal preference.

Moon Ultralight Developed By:

The MOON UltraLight was developed by MOON Ultra, a company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their goal is to provide the best products with the most features. For example, this device features a new processor, which is able to produce a soft luminescence of your screen. Another feature is its ability to adjust from 2700 to 5000 kelvin. As a result, you can choose the perfect tone and temperature for your photos and videos.

Touch Controlled User Interface:

With the Touch Controlled User Interface, you can control the brightness and color of your light, as well as a variety of other settings. Additionally, this product has an anti-flicker feature.

LED Lights:

The Moon UltraLight is also designing with a sleek, minimalist design, which makes it easy to use. Unlike many other flashlights, it does not have buttons, so you can control its functions by simply tapping on the device. When you tap the control area, the light will shine in the vicinity, indicating that you have touched the control. You can also switch between a warm and cool color temperature.

Adjustable Lights:

You can also choose a white light for reading during the day. Lastly, it is possible to adjust the brightness of its warm LED lights. Even the battery can be adjuste, and its recharging time is 30 minutes.

It’s A great Choice:

Whether you’re looking for a simple and affordable lighting solution for your phone, or you want to enhance your video shooting abilities, the Moon UltraLight is a great choice.

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

The Moon Ultralight is an innovative lighting accessory designed to fit virtually any mobile device. It features a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows for hours of super-brightness. In addition, it offers a touch-controlled user interface that provides a user with a variety of brightness and color options. This portable universal smartphone lighting accessory can also be use for laptops and tablets.

Pricing of Moon Ultralight:

The Moon Ultralight is available for $189.99. It includes a charging cord, a carry case, and a key chain clip. With its built-in rechargeable battery, the device can last up to two or three hours on a single charge, and you can expect it to work for an hour or more with regular use. You can use the included Micro-USB charging cable to recharge the unit.

Touch Panel:

As with many of the latest and greatest tech gadgets, the Moon ultralight is able to recharge its battery with the touch of a button. The device is also able to adjust its temperature and shine in a way that is almost as impressive as the light itself. When the user touches the front of the device, it automatically adjusts to a brighter or darker temperature.

MOON UltraLight

MOON UltraLight

According to the company, the MOON UltraLight’s battery can be charged to 60% in 30 minutes. The battery is a traditional Li-ion type, which is known to be engineer for space. Typically, these batteries can withstand the intense cold and intense heat of space, but they can also store energy.

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Sleek Design Of Moon Ultralight:

Despite its relatively small size and sleek design, the UltraLight is a powerhouse of a device that can be use in almost any situation. For example, it can be used as a selfie light, which is useful for those who want to take a picture of themselves without looking like a zombie. It can also be use as a lighting tool for video makers, which is another great way to light up your life.

Available in different colors:

The Moon Ultralight is also available in a variety of colors and brightness levels. It comes with a stylish carrying case that is sure to impress.

Can Be Used In Photography:

Moon ultralight is a portable universal lighting accessory for smartphones and iPads. It features a sleek, small design that provides super-bright, even and anti-flicker lighting. You can use it to light up your photos, videos, and video calls. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, a beginner or you’re just starting out, this handy device can help make your next picture a lot better.

Battery Timing:

The Moon Ultralight comes with a battery and a micro USB cable, but you can also recharge it using a USB-C cable. The battery lasts for up to two hours with regular usage, and it takes about 30 minutes to charge to a 60% charge. This makes the ultralight portable and convenient to carry around.

Adjustable Tempaerature:

You can also adjust the brightness of the light and the color temperature. Depending on what you want to photograph, you can adjust it to give you a bright, warm, or cool light. For example, if you’re taking a portrait, you can choose between cool or warm light, while if you’re taking a selfie, you can adjust the temperature to a cool or warm tone.

What’s In The Box:

Another great thing about the Moon ultralight is its ability to be a portable, universal lighting solution that can be clipp onto your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Using a USB-C cable, the Moon ultralight can be charged and used with no additional cords. There’s also a nice, charming carrying case included.


The Moon ultralight is a small, portable lighting accessory that can provide you with bright and even light for your photos, video calls, and Zoom calls. Besides its versatility, it also offers you a unique set of touch controls. In addition to allowing you to easily adjust the light and tone, you can also set your device to turn on automatically.

Add a little extra oomph to your photo:

With its ability to adjust the light, tone, and temperature, the Moon ultralight can help you take your selfies and videos to the next level. At only a few dollars, it’s an inexpensive way to add a little extra oomph to your photo and video shoots.

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