Tracker Features You Didn’t Know About Ekster Wallet:

Ekster wallet

Some of you have had your Ekster tracker for a while and are starting to become accustomed to it. It’s been a while since you got your Ekster tracker, and some of you are starting to get used to it. With a small piece of technology, you can accomplish a great deal. You may not be aware of some features. Now is the time to get the most out of your solar-powered tracker.

1- First, it lets you take a selfie:

If you’re lucky to have short arms. You can also use your Ekster tracker as a wireless self-portrait stick.You can finally say goodbye to awkward self-portraits or standing on tiptoes. This feature has a great range (around 200 feet). Step back to take the perfect selfie. You just need to pose, then open the Chipolo App and select the Ekster Tracker. Tap the menu at the top-right corner to take the selfie.

2- LEFT YOUR WALLET AT HOME? This hidden feature will help you:

The feature is still being tested, but we’ve already saved ourselves many long drives home. You can find the Chipolo Labs in the Settings (three dots) section of your Chipolo App. You can turn on the In-range and Out-of Range notifications once you have activated this feature. If you forget to pick up your iPhone from your friend’s house, the Ekster tracker can remind you.

3- You can track your wallet right from the Home Screen :

Ekster is all about efficiency. You can set up a widget to track your wallet on your phone’s home screen, as we know that you may not always have time to open the Chipolo application. You can set up your tracker as a widget for your home screen if you have it connected to your phone.

4- Lost your wallet? No problem, just call it:

Lost your wallet? No problem, just call it

Our tracker card works with Google Home and Siri. Ask your voice assistant to call your phone for you if you’ve lost your wallet. No more will you have to get up from your couch to discover that your wallet is sitting right on top of it.

5- BONUS: Change your Tracker’s ringtone:

This wallet tracker is a powerful tool that allows you to keep track of your wallet in style.

Top wallets from Ekster wallet Find out all you need to know about your next Ekster necessity:

1- Parliament Wallet :

Parliament Wallet

The Parliament Wallet is made from environmentally-certified premium leather. Top wallets from Ekster Find out all you need to know about your next Ekster necessity. Parliament Wallet The Parliament Wallet is made from environmentally-certified premium leather. The cards are easily accessible with a simple button click. The wallet is slim and does not bulge out from your pocket. The wallet is slim and does not bulge out from your pocket. It currently holds up to twelve cards, however, nine are recommended.

2- Senate Cardholder:

Senate Cardholder

The Senate Cardholder has features that are similar to those of the Parliament Wallet. The wallet has an elastic backstrap which offers more room for embossed cards and is the sleek wallet we wanted. It can hold 6 non-embossed or 4 to 5 embossed cards.

3- Aluminum Cardholder:

Aluminum Cardholder

Aluminum Cardholder is a favorite among our editors. Your cards are spread out as if you were using a switchblade. Your cards are spread out as if you were using a switchblade. Made from space-grade aluminum 6061-T6 and built to last. The backplate is expandable and has a strap to hold additional cards or emergency cash. It’s available in classic colors as well as a few unique designs.

4-Modular Bifold:

Modular Bifold

The classic folding wallet with a twist of modernity. Modular Bifold wallet comes with Ekster’s game-changing technology and removable magnetic card holders. The wallet is made of a two-toned finish which softens with time. This reduces wear and tear. The wallet is also compact and can hold up to 12 bills, cards, and coins.

5-AirTag wallet:

AirTag wallet

The new AirTag wallet from Ekster has a pocket that holds your AirTag tracker, so you can always find your wallet with Apple’s FindMy app. The wallet also has an extendable strap to store cash, while the cards can be spread out quickly with a single button. It’s also much thinner than expected, and it protects you against theft. What else would you expect of a smart wallet?


Now you’re (almost!) the proud owner of an Ekster wallet. Prepare to accelerate your day every day. Before you start your trip, it is important to be aware of some things.

The STORAGE Space In Ekster Wallet:

THE STORAGE In Ekster wallet
  • Minimize your luggage. Keep it minimal. Choose the six cards that you use the most.
  • Take your new Ekster. Put the cards in your wallet.
  • You might think you’re looking for the cardholder but it’s not necessary. The cardholder is the slot at the top of the wallet. You can see it in action by sliding your cards into the slot.
  • You can fit between four and six cards in the holder, depending on how many embossed cards you have. Press the trigger and your cards will fan out.
  • Not yet! You still have three cards to pick out. Open the wallet. There’s space for you to put these cards in the wallet. You have a tracker, right? Great! Keep it in your Ekster’s back pocket.
  • The wallet can store up to 12 cards plus a few extras, if you don’t have a tracking device. There’s also a money strap to hold those odd bills (look out, places that do not accept cards). You ask, what about coins? Put them in the piggy bank.

THE TRACKER In Ekster wallet:

THE TRACKER In Ekster wallet


  • Double-tap on the Ekster Logo with your tracker.
  • Download the Chipolo App on your smartphone.
  • Bluetooth must be turned on. Tap the + button to add the Ekster.
  • Follow the instructions to find Ekster under Partner Products.
  • Now your tracker is paired to your phone. Keep it at the back of your wallet. All done.
  • You can now ring the tracker directly from the app or you can use the tracker itself to ring the phone by holding down the Ekster logo. Feeling lazy? You can connect it to Google Home, Alexa, or both to use your voice to contact your wallet. Do you want to show off your wallet a bit? Take a selfie with our tracker!

THE LEATHER Used In Ekster wallet:

 THE LEATHER Used In Ekster wallet

It’s normal for the leather to appear stiff at first. It’s normal for the flap to not be flush with the wallet when you first get it. You’ll see the leather ageing and softening within the first two weeks. The wallet will close correctly and have a sleek, minimalist profile.



Ekster’s not the only slim wallet player. Digital and contactless payment methods are making minimalist wallets more popular. A cultural trend towards minimalism is also evident in our clothing and architectural design. Ridge is another Dutch brand that has a minimalist design. What’s the best Ridge alternative wallet? Nikolas Hoffman was invited to write this article. He will be presenting the differences between these two minimalist brands and exposing their strengths and weaknesses. Here are his conclusions.



Ridge has developed a minimalist wallet design that they have stuck with. Two metal plates are joined by elastic bands. An external money clip or cash belt is attached. The same model is used for the entire collection.However, the metals are available in a variety of durable materials, including titanium, carbon fibre, and 18K gold. A wide range of colors and patterns are available.


The Ridge wallet, while thinner than the majority of Ekster wallets, does not offer the same amount of capacity.The number of cards you carry in your wallet will determine the thickness of the wallet. A Ridge wallet can carry up to 12 cards.

Are RIDGE WALLETs functional?

Let’s now talk about functionality. You can rest assured that your cards won’t fall out of the Ridge Wallet thanks to its strong elastic bands. On the downside, it is difficult to remove the cards because they are tightly packed. Despite this, the wallet does have one feature that is a must-have for modern wallets. It offers RFID protection.


The price is the last thing to consider. Ridge’s aluminum model starts at $105 and goes up to $275 with 18K gold plating.


Ekster creates minimalist carry essentials that streamline everyday life, but wallets are their true centerpiece. Although all Ekster wallets are minimalistic, they’re not as minimal as Ridge. Ekster has a more varied range of products that cater to different requirements, while Ridge only offers one wallet. Let’s start with the thickness. We’ll discuss different models in a moment.

How slim are Ekster wallets?

 How slim are Ekster wallets

Ekster wallets may be slightly thicker (depending on the number of cards inside), but their larger carrying capacity makes up for the difference. The thickness of wallets varies depending on the model, but all are thin enough to fit in the pocket of a pair jeans.


The wallets. The four wallet models are the Senate, the Metal Cardholders and the Modular Bifold. All the wallets besides the metal cardholders are made from premium, environmentally-friendly leather, also available in a vegan option. Metal cardholders come in either 6061-T6 aluminum or 3K carbon fiber for maximum durability.

What is a Tech WALLET?

A tech wallet is a high-tech wallet. The high-tech version is called a tech wallet. It features RFID blocking technologies that protect against digital pickpocketing and identity theft. high-tech wallets also feature smart tracking systems to help users locate their wallet if it’s lost or misplaced. Tech Wallets offer convenience and security.

How does a Tech Wallet work?

How does a Tech Wallet work

RFID blocking technology is used in tech wallets to stop hackers from skimming information from RFID chips embedded on credit cards and passports. The chips emit radio waves which can be intercepted with a skimming tool. Tech Wallets use RFID blocking technology to block these radio waves. This effectively prevents any attempt at skimming. Bluetooth technology is used to connect the wallet with a smartphone. The app displays the last known location of your wallet on a map.Some high-tech wallets feature a button that can be pressed on the wallet to ring the phone of the owner in the event it’s lost.

Ekster wallet vs. Secrid:

Ekster wallet vs. Secrid

Secrid is another wallet that’s popular in the quick-release market.My best man gave me one of these as a present a few years ago. I used it daily for two years.My best man gave me one of these as a present a few years ago. I used it daily for two years.The Secrid is smaller and doesn’t allow you to carry as many cards.

If I were to choose between these two products, I would pick the Ekster.If I were to choose between these two products, I would pick the Ekster.The Secrid has a switch that is out in the open, but I prefer the Ekster because it’s inset into the design. Reddit is a hot topic, with people alternating between the two.

The FAQs About Ekster wallet:

Can you sit comfortably on the Ekster wallet?

It’s possible, but the quick release part is quite hard and it may not be very comfortable. I’d recommend carrying it in the front pocket, or removing it whenever you sit down.

How long will Ekster wallets keep?

Leather is known to be very strong so you shouldn’t have any problems with this. The quick release mechanism is simple, and I don’t think it will fail.

Ekster wallet warranty?

Ekster seems to stand behind their quality products, offering a one-year warranty starting from the date the product was delivered.If you’re not happy with the wallet, you can return it within 30 days of receiving it.

Is Ekster legit?

They have been in business for some time and sold many wallets. They have a lot of positive reviews on their website, and I’ve not found any negative ones. Not bad.

Final Thoughts On Ekster wallet:

 Final Thoughts On Ekster wallet

This wallet is a good choice if you have at least six credit cards and want a slim, well-designed way to store them. It’s a great feature to have the quick-release. I find it a little odd to dig through my old wallet to get each card out one by one. The positive reviews have made me curious to purchase the tracker cards that are recommended with the wallet.

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